Car Rental Airport Kelantan is a local Car Rental Airport Kelantan service company manages by Go Rocket Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd operating around Machang, Tanah Merah, Pasir Puteh, Kuala Krai, Kota Bharu, Kubang Kerian, Pasir Mas, Jerteh, Besut, Bachok, Pulai Chondong, Kok Lanas, Ketereh, Melor, Pengkalan Chepa And Lundang. In short, throughout Kelantan.

They offer a range of vehicles ranging from compact cars, sedans, MPVs, and luxury van to your convenience.

What is best about this car rental company, they offer customers with a variety of car options that are ideal for any travel, purpose, duration, and budget starting from as low as RM50 per day. also offers well-trained, affordable driver services. This trained driver will guide you wherever you want, at the same time, ensuring you are comfortable and along the way.

Car Rental Airport Kelantan | Compact Car Type

All cars at can be rented for a day, a week or a month at a reasonable rate. You can rent Perodua Viva at a rate of RM50 per day for 30 days durations.

Compact cars can save a lot of money even more car oils and also long distance trips. Ideal if you have a limited or tight budget.

If you have a big budget, you can rent a Volkswagen Golf car, starting at RM450 a day. If you are single and will build a household, can use this car as a wedding car.

Other cars offered by in the compact category are Myvi and Axia.


Car Rental Airport Kelantan Type Sedan Sub-compact Car.

If you need a larger car bonnet to carry a suitcase or for a long journey, as well as a foot space, offers 2 sedan sub-compact cars namely Proton Saga FLX and Perodua Bezza.

Both cars use an automatic transmission, allowing you to drive and enjoy smooth and calm travel.

Car Rental Airport Kelantan Type MPV Car.

If you have a large family or you may need a bonnet room to transport items around Kelantan, provides MPV Alza and Avanza cars, each with a daily rental ranging from RM 180 to RM200.

If it comes to experience, Alza is more comfortable and has more space when it comes to Avanza. Moreover, Alza is more Fuel-efficient compared to Avanza.

If Alza and Avanza space are not enough for you, you can rent a larger Proton Exora CFE Bold car. Ideal if you want to travel much more futher with your family and with the power of acceleration to overtake. Rental rate, only RM250 per day or RM1300 per month.

Car Rental Airport Kelantan Type Luxury Van

You need a suitable vehicle to bring the client around Kota Bahru or to pick up an honorary guest at the airport? At the same time, keeping the VIP passengers in a comfortable state along the way and the budget is not a barrier?

Each with a rental rate of RM550 and RM700 you can rent a Luxury Hyundai Starex or Toyota Vellfire.

Car Rental Airport Kelantan Tourist Van

You have 3 choices, Ford Spectron, Nissan Urvan, and Toyota Hiace. If you want to go on a trip anywhere in Malaysia with your colleagues with a large number of people, it’s good to rent a tourist van.

You can save a lot especially in terms of car oil as it is able to co-pay for rental prices with friends and definitely oil vehicles. You also don’t have to pay the initial costs for vehicle maintenance for a long journey as will ensure the rented van is in the “Tip-top” state.

Car Rental Airport Kelantan

Professional Driver Service


If you feel that your journey is very far and tiresome, In that case, you can get a profesionally trained driver from so you can enjoy the scenery and chat with your friends on the way to the destination.

All the drivers of are highly trained and competent. At the same time, the driver is helpfull. They will not only drive you where you want to go but they will also ensure that you and the passengers are comfortable and well along your journey.

Prices offered include petrol, Toll, Professional Driver, and Free Mineral Water for each passenger.

How To Book Car Rental Airport Kelantan

Kereta Sewa Kota Bharu-Bezza

Reservations can be made by contacting Hafiz / Akmal at the following numbers:

+6016750 8833 or by sending WhatsApp via the following link,


You can also send SMS with a format

Name :, Ic :, No. License :, Address :, Car type :, Book Date:, Pickup Time:, Return Date:, Return Time:, Phone Num:, Email

and they will reply promptly.

In addition, if you live in Macang area, you can drop in to their office located in front of Machang Besar Market, on the taxi station and rental car next to the SKMK bus station, at the following address,

Go-Rocket Travel and Tours-Sdn Bhd

Go Rocket Travel and Tours sdn bhd | 1207997-M(KPL/LN4615)
PT695 Jalan Bakti,
Bazar Dua Tingkat, Tapak Kereta Sewa Machang
18500 Machang

Tel: 016 7508833

Website :


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