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Car Rental Kelantan GO Rocket Travel and Tours is providing car rental services for individual and corporate customer for local and international in Kelantan. Our fleets can rented by daily basis, weekly and also monthly. Kelantan Car Rental also provide delivery services around Kelantan especially in Kota Bharu, Machang, Tanah Merah, Pasir Puteh, Kuala Krai, Kubang Kerian, Pasir Mas, Pulai Chondong, Kok Lanas, Ketereh, Melor, Bachok, Jerteh, Besut, Pengkalan Chepa and Lundang. We can say that all over Kelantan
Car Rental Kota Bharu
All the fleets that we have are with Automatic Transimision for comfortable driving experiences. But, if the customer request Manual transmission, we will provide it for them.
Here are the list of our available fleets.

Car Rental Kelantan Volkswagen Golf TSI

Car Rental Kelantan


We offer Volkswagen Golf registered on 2015 in Car Rental Kelantan. Volkswagen Golf is hatchback car powered with turbo and also DSG gearbox. The perfomance and excellence in driving despite the comfort make this car the hottest choice by the customer. Imported from Germany, it has 16 inch rims and tinted with LLUMAR.

The rental rate for Volkswagen Golf as per below:

1 Day : RM350

2 Days : RM660

3 Days : RM900

1 Week : RM2100

2 Weeks : RM4200

1 Month : RM4850

Car Rental perodua viva elite


The popular Perodua Viva is a compact car car that is produced by Perodua Malaysia. Already known as affordable car and economic car in Malaysia. We also offers this model in our collection. Viva Elite 1.0 model, it is super save petrol and suitable for the short distance and city.

The rental Rate for Perodua Viva as per below:

1 Day : RM110

2 Days : RM210

3 Days RM300

1 Week : RM600

2 Weeks : RM1200

1 Month : RM1700

Really cheap is it?


Perodua Axia Car Rental Kota Bharu

Perodua Axia was the first EEV cars that is made in Malaysia. EEV means Energy Efficient Vehicle, it is super save from the petrol usage and also for maintenance. The best part of this car is, it is suitable for city and short distance, but also still okay for long distance driving. This Perodua Axia has a larger space inside than Perodua VIVA.

The rental rate for Perodua Axia is as per below:

1 Day : RM120

2 Days : RM230

3 Days : RM330

1 Week : RM650

2 Weeks : RM1300

1 Month : RM1800


Car Rental Self Drive Kelantan Myvi X

The most widely car model that is offered in our our company car rental Kelantan is Perodua Myvi. It was the most popular model Perodua model ever produced. More than one millions already sold in Malaysia only. The design is very sporty and cools, of course due to that reason myvi is the best and most popular choices to be rented by our customer. The engine of Perodua Myvi is powered with 1.3 L N/A engine.

The rental rate for Perodua Myvi is as per below :

1 Day : RM130

2 Days : RM250

3 Days : RM360

1 Week : RM700

2 Weeks : RM1400

1 Month : RM 1900

PERODUA BEZZACar Rental Kelantan Bezza

Perodua Bezza is the latest model produced by Perodua. It was produced on July 2016. Its the first Sedan model that is produced by Perodua Malaysia and powered with EEV engine also. For those who need bonet and want to bring Family, Perodua BEzza is the most suitable for the occasion. This car the most efficient for long distance trips and short distance. It can bring more people and the most important thing is, it has a bonet.

The rental rate for Perodua Bezza is as per below :

1 Day : RM150

2 Days : RM 290

3 Days : RM390

1 Week : RM750

2 Weeks : RM 1500

1 Month : RM2000


Proton Saga FLX
Our Car is Proton Saga FLX is Being inspected following the schedule

Besided Perodua models, this car rental company in Kelantan also provide car rental services Proton Saga FLX SE model 1.6. This is also sedan model but with more power and smooth experienced when driving. While having fun driving, this Proton Saga FLX also has a bonnet to carry the a thing and it is suitable for family use.

The rental rate for Proton Saga FLX SE is as per below :

1 Day : RM150

2 Days : RM 290

3 Days : RM380

1 Week : Rm750

2 Weeks : RM1500

1 Month : RM2000

Car Rental Kelantan Myvi


the other model that is offered in Car Rental Kelantan is Perodua Myvi X. It differ from standard model and also more comfortable. The differences is fromthe bodykit where Perodua Myvi X has the same bodykit as Perodua Myvi SE 1.5. Apart from that, interior design are almost 100% same. With the steering that has a control button of multimedia and included USB port to charge the smartphone or listen to the song from usb stick.

The rental for Perodua Myvi premium X is as per below :

1 Day : Rm140

2 Days : RM270

3 Days : RM380

1 Week : Rm750

2 Weeks : Rm1500

1 Month : RM2100


Best Car Rental in Kelantan
Newly add Perodua Myvi and others cars, newest fleets in addition.

Among the most popular model in our company is Perodua Myvi SE 1.5. It becomes the most popular model because of its sporty looks and powered with 1.5L Engine and this make Perodua Myvi SE suitable for long distance driving and most importantly the travel experience will be smooth. Differ from standard Myvi and Premium X model, this car is more advance.

The rental rate for Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 is as per below :

1 Day : RM150

2 Days : Rm290

3 Days : RM380

1 Week : RM750

2 Weeks : Rm1500

1 Month : Rm2000

PERODUA AXIA SECar Rental Kelantan Axia SE

Despite the standard Aixa, we also offer the upgraded SE model for the Perodua Axia. There is a lot of upgraded between standard Axia model and Perodua Axia SE in the ineterior design and the bodykit. Perodua axia Se is more steady and awesome because of sporty looks, but the engine is still the same. It is suitable for short distance traveller but want to have cool with limited budget.

The rental rate for Perodua Axia Se is as per below :

1 Day : RM130

2 Days : RM250

3 Days : Rm360

1 Week : RM700

2 Weeks : RM1400

1 Month : RM1900

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