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Travelling is always exciting as it is an opportunity for us to see new places and gain new experience. After one whole year stressing our life with piles of endless works and pressuring ourselves with countless problems, travelling is a period of time that we deserve to pamper and enjoy ourselves. A holiday getaway is always what we need most when we have reached a point that we cannot hold the tension anymore. We can look for car rental service online or have our friends that have experienced travelling at the same place. This time, I would like to introduce to you a great car rental company that offers car rental service in Kota Bharu Airport Car Rental.

Our destination does not need to be too far from home. It can be other states in our country if not abroad. It can be anywhere as long as it is a place that we can finally have a peace of mind. Really, it is not that we want to run away from reality of life. We just need to feast our eyes seeing new things and ease our mind in a new environment where we can just breathe in and out without heavy things to think about. Don’t you think so?

As a frequent traveller, we may have real close connection with the airport. The airport can be considered as our second home especially for those we dislike to drive long distance when travelling far from home. When we have arrived at an airport for travelling purpose, we definitely need of a good transportation to move from the airport to our hotel or homestay. But, there are few questions that need answers before we drive a rental car.

When is the right time to look for a transportation? Before or after reaching the airport?Kereta Sewa Kota Bharu-Vellfire-Airport

The best time to book for a rental car is a week before we reach the airport as the cars available are limited especially during the weekend. A time saved enables us to have more options to choose from a long list of cars. Last minute booking may leave us unsatisfied with the car we get. For example, we may get a smaller car when we actually need a bigger one if we actually have a big-size travelling group.

How Much Money That We Are Willing To Spend When Renting A Car?

Kereta Sewa Kota Bharu Airport Sultan Ismail Petra

Our travelling budget should include the fee of renting a car, unless you want to experience being a backpacker. A smaller economical car usually costs lower than bigger van-like cars. Not to forget, you have to consider the cost for the petrol also as petrol is not usually covered by the car rental company. If you are travelling in a group, it should not be a problem as you can always share the cost for the fee and petrol.

What are the criteria of a good rental car to ensure a smooth running of our trip?

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Kereta Sewa Kota Bharu review google
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First, the company should be responsible enough to ensure a good maintenance of the car. We can find out about the company’s reputation before we confirm the order. Second, a replacement car should be prepared in case of any problem arising during the rental period. Third, the size of the car should be able to occupy all the members in our group. Forth, the car should be comfortable enough as we are going to spend a long time in it.

Where can we find a good car rental service and who do we contact to rent a car in Kota Bharu Airport?



Exploring Kelantan is definitely worth your time and money spent as it is a state that offers more than you can imagine. The people are friendly and welcoming especially the aunties selling delicious food at Pasar Siti Khadijah. Prepare your ears to listen to their stories about and questions about your whereabout. Kelantan has a very charming city centre, delectable eateries, lovely parks and much more to offer ranging from shopping, dining, sightseeing.

Are you a shopaholic? Dont worry. You can have a longer shopping list as the price of clothes and other merchandise in Kelantan is much cheaper than in other places. You can go shopping in a duty-free shopping paradise such as Pengkalan Kubur and Rantau Panjang without breaking your wallets! Don’t forget to bargain for the price to save more money for other stuff.

A tip from me, try to use their dialect during the process for a higher chance of success! Trust me, it is going to be fun!

Kereta Sewa Van Sewa Machang Offers Kota Bharu Airport Car Rental Services

Kereta Sewa Van Sewa Machang is a car rental company that offers car rental service from the airport to any hotel in Kota Bharu. Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is located in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

This airport is very near to Kota Bharu, the main city of Kelantan that people often refer it as Kota Bharu airport. The time taken to reach the city centre from the airport is about 20-minute drive.

The main office is located in Machang but the servis covers almost 3 quarters of Kelantan. Therefore, the location is not really a big deal because Kota Bharu Airport Car Rental offers door to door delivery services. This car rental company has a wide range of selection of cars from economical cars such as Viva, Axia and MyVi to bigger luxurious cars such as Exora, Spectron and Hiace.

Van Sewa Kota Bharu Pelanggan

Small economical cars are easier and more practical to handle on the road. We really need a convenient car during travelling as we are going to spend much time in it especially when we are in a middle of peak hours in the main city. However, the car chosen still has to be spacious enough to occupy everybody.

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