Private Chauffeur in Kelantan

When you go for a vacation, your main purpose is to relax after being so stressful about your work or your problems. However, you often become stressful during your own vacation because you have to worry about driving in unknown places and roads with the names that you have never heard of. Especially if you are a foreigner that does not speak the language or you just cannot understand their accents whenever you ask for directions and now you are lost in the places and you are stressing about it when you first intention is to relax and unwind. Do you ever want to go on a vacation without worrying about all of these problems? Car Rental Kelantan provides private chauffeur including a rental car of your choice if you are planning to have a vacation in Kelantan, where the state is filled with good food and scenic beaches with the rate as low as RM 500 per day.

 Chauffeur is a personal driver that will bring you to any places that you want to go with the car that you choose to rent. Car rental and private chauffeur services are provided for every individual or corporate, local or international customer and tourists that would like to ease their journey whenever they are in Kelantan. The types of cars that they provide are economic, multi – purpose vehicle (MPV), Sedan, Luxury and Van. They also believe that their customer’s happiness bring satisfaction so they provide the best service that they could to every customer that choose them.


Why should you choose the service of private chauffeurs from Kereta Sewa Kelantan (Car Rental Kelantan)? The chauffeurs in Car Rental Kelantan are well – trained and the best guardians that you can ever wish for. They will drive the car very carefully and listen to your command or requests in order to avoid any accidents. Each driver that is assigned to you will make sure that you are comfortable in the car before they start their journey. They will also take care about your well – being for as long as you are in the car with them. Plus, the cars are very comfortable as they will make sure that every car is clean, smells good and looks as good as new before they rent it out to you.

MPV Sewa Kota Bharu Vellfire Murah

The best part is you do not have to worry about the petrol or toll rates as these are also included in the rental rate. The prices that you pay for this service also includes a private chauffeur, a car in a very good condition, and free mineral drinks for you to drink your thirst away during a hot day in Kelantan plus free toll fees and fuel as mentioned earlier.

Private Chauffeur in Kelantan

Now let’s move on to the types of car that you can rent in order to experience the most in Kelantan without ever being stressful.

The first one is Hyundai Starex (Luxury 11 seater). This is a perfect car just in case you are bringing your big family with you. The daily rate for this car including the chauffeur is RM 1000.

Next, they also have Perodua Alza (MPV 7 seater) plus chauffeur and it only costs you RM 500 per day.


Ford Transit (VAN 14 seater) plus chauffeur is very convenient for you and your family to go on a vacation with only RM 850 daily.

Next, Nissan Urvan (VAN 12 seater) plus chauffeur only costs RM 700 per day if you want a cheaper rate but a very comfortable vehicle for your big family.


Toyota Hiace (Van 10 seater) plus chauffeur is for someone who has smaller family and it costs RM 700 daily.

Toyota Vellfire (Luxury MPV) plus chauffeur costs RM 1200 daily if you want to have a very smooth and comfortable journey.


Lastly, Toyota Estima (Luxury MPV) plus chauffeur costs RM 1000 per day when you feel like cruising in a luxury MPV during your vacation.

Rates Private Chauffeur in Kelantan

Here are the daily rates and the types of cars simplified in a table form so that you may choose it easily.

Types of Cars Daily Rates (RM)
Hyundai Starex (Luxury 11 seater) 1000
Perodua Alza (MPV 7 seater) 500
Ford Transit (VAN 14 seater) 850
Nissan Urvan (VAN 12 seater) 700
Toyota Hiace (Van 10 seater) 700
Toyota Vellfire (Luxury MPV) 1200
Toyota Estima (Luxury MPV) 1000

The terms and conditions are incredibly easy; every booking have to be made a week earlier so that your booking is safe and secure. The price includes toll rates and fuel.

What are you waiting for? Visit to secure your booking and enjoy your stress – free vacation or work – related trips now!



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